We aim to develop students into lifelong followers of Jesus Christ—beyond their high school years and forward. We accomplish this through our partnership with the home and through “M.E.D.S.”

(M) Missions
The heartbeat of every mission is to get students out of their comfort zones and focused on others. Our Guatemala and Mexico missions unplug them from their busy lives while local missions to the Downtown Soup Kitchen and the like reminds them that their service and influence can be expressed at "home" in Anchorage.

(E) Encountering Jesus through Scripture
We want students to see how faith is applied to life; it’s life changing, not just knowledge. When students realize Jesus is woven into and part of all Scripture, the whole Bible comes to life and helps them see Jesus in their own lives.

(D) Discipleship
Our vision is to have each student mentored by an adult—someone influencing them, where they can see how faith is lived out. We also desire to see our senior high students mentoring or disciplining a student two years younger than themselves.

(S) Service
A practical way for teens to know what it will be like to function in the main service after graduation is to be a part of it and to serve. We encourage teens to serve in the youth ministry and the main service.


Youth Group (6-12 grade)
Wednesday, 7-9PM, Rm 201

Community Group (6-12 grade)
Sunday, 11-12PM, Rm 201

Join us on Sunday mornings and make some friends! We’ll explore the truths of God and discuss what it means for our lives today!


The Center Grand Opening
Wed, May 31, 7-9PM

Students, let’s serve the community and help with The Center Grand Opening. Will be face painting & serving at the carnival booths.


Faith Christian Community is partnering once again with Amor Ministries—a ministry serving families in Mexico. For more than fifteen years, Faith has sent a team of high school students and adults to build homes for needy families. Download a mission application and cover letter from the links for the June 29 through July 7 mission.