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Helping the Poorest of the Poor

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What is the Poor Box?
In the auditorium, there is a collection box labeled 'Poor Box.' This box is a depository for funds which are dedicated to the poorest of the poor. These off-budget funds from contributors are designated for those who are "in the ditch" as in the Good Samaritan story (Luke 10:25-37) versus a recurring need or ongoing mission support.

The distribution guidelines are:

  • For the poorest of the poor--the most destitute of the destitute (possibly life-threatening situations)
  • Does not represent a recurring event or need for ongoing support
  • Preference given to fatherless children and widows in distress (Jas 1:27)
  • Funds must be distributed by reliable, trustworthy partners in the field
  • The money is given in the name of Jesus Christ

What if I encounter someone who could benefit from this ministry?
Many of our members go on trips and have an unexpected encounter with the poorest of the poor that affects them deeply. If you were deeply touched by an individual situation of desperation and could not respond at the time, we may be able to help. This would be a specific situation where you have continued to feel burdened by the need and personally stayed in touch with the person or persons who continue to be familiar with the situation.

If this applies to you and you can share this burden with us, the following information is needed:

1. The story of your encounter and the story of the person in desperation (pictures, if possible).
2. Contact information for a trustworthy person who is able and willing to follow through with the help we can offer.

Let us know how to best help you help someone else. We are especially interested in widows and orphans without social safety nets who are suffering from their circumstances (Jas 1:27). We believe this prepares the hearts of adults for the Word and strengthens community relationships.

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