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We believe children are one of our most precious assets and are committed to partnering with you, as parents, to lead your children to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Join us as we advance the Kingdom of child at a time!

WOW! Kids (Birth to Kindergarten)
Little ones enjoy fun Bible stories, crafts, games and worship in a safe environment staffed with loving adults. Meets during all  services. Read more.


F.L.I. Zone (Grades 1-5)
Faith, love, and inspiration—that's what it's all about in the F.L.I Zone. Kids are taught foundational, biblical truths. These truths are presented in a fun and relevant way in a large group through skits, worship, and teaching. They're driven home in small groups. Meets during all services. Read more.

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Tues, 6:30PM (Sept-May)

Calling children ages 3-13: Come and join us for the kids' club, AWANA! We are going to have a blast learning to follow Jesus. Every Tuesday we'll enjoy games, activities, arts and crafts, storytime. To make your schedule a little easier, join us at 5:45 -6:30PM when we eat a family meal together in the Fellowship Hall before Awana begins. 

Conqueror's Club (Grades 1-5)
Boys and girls are invited to join us for a fun evening packed with wild and crazy activities. Pogo sticks, stilts, bean bag and pin juggling, and Nerf Wars! Arm yourself with your favorite Nerf gun (we have some on hand), bring a few compadres, and five dollars for pizza. Join us for a great evening of fun, pizza, and teaching. The next Conqueror's Club is scheduled for the fall. 

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Children's Ministry Staff
Steve Magestro, Children's Pastor, 907.243.1777, ext 36
Christy Charles, Elementary Director, 907.243.1777, ext 29
Tammy Bierman, Elementary Associate, 907.243.1777
Jackie Evans, Preschool Director, 907.243.1777, ext. 23
Jared Gill, Preschool Associate, 907.243.1777, ext. 15
Linda Strahan, Nursery Associate, 907.243.1777, ext. 23
Mona Jones, Administrative Assistant, 907.243.1777, ext 15

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Moose Mountain

Moose Mountain is a place for children from 1st grade to 5th grade to have a fun time with age appropriate large group lessons, praise and worship, and a small group time with their wonderful teachers where they can discuss what they learned in large group, play fun games to reinforce what the children are learning, all while making long lasting friendship with others who are learning the same lesson they are.

  • Opening activities: Group leaders facilitate an opening game or activity designed to break the ice and review previous week's lesson.
  • Large group: Elementary classes assemble together at the Moose Mountain Lodge for a lively and energetic time of worship, drama, and Bible lesson—engaging their minds and bodies.
  • Small group: Children return to classes for an in-depth exploration of Bible lesson. Each month’s lesson revolves around one key Bible verse and theme.

The curriculum is based on God’s word teaches about how to approach life’s every day situation. The lessons taught are also what the parents are learning in “big” church, which opens up great discussions with parents and children on what they are learning. This gives families time together for open conversation about what the Bible says about Jesus and real life situations. 

Incentive Program:

We have a wonderful incentive program that encourages the children to memorize God’s word. How does it work? The children are given “take home cards” that has a scripture to memorize. They then come back the following weekend with the card, signed by parents and recite the scripture to their teachers. They will receive a bead to add to their necklace. After they have memorized five verses they receive a sticker card, which is placed on the board. Once they receive four stickers they get a prize bag, they continue learning more verses and adding more beads and stickers to their card and receive prize bags as they earn four more stickers. The prizes get better in every prize bag! 

Check In and Check Out
Children are checked in at the computer kiosk where you'll receive an identification sticker. When picking up your child, simply show the parent pick-up tag that corresponds with your child's name tag.

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WOW! Kids

At WOW! Kids, we are committed to showing the love of Jesus to kids from birth through Kindergarten.

Through fun songs, creative play, and interaction with loving adults, your little ones will learn early on that God made them and that he loves them very much. Our desire is to plant these truths in the minds of children, so they will remember them for life!

Preschool - Kindergarten
Our preschool though Kindergarten program uses Gospel Light curriculum. These fun, age-appropriate lessons make learning about the Bible relevant and memorable for your children! We break the lesson up into three areas:

  • Opening activity - Children enjoy an activity as a means of connecting with other children and the teacher.
  • Large group - After the opening activity, classes assemble together to work their wiggles out while singing, praying, and touching on the Bible Story theme.
  • Small group - Children return to class for the bible lesson, snacks, games and fun activities.

Check In and Check Out
Children are checked in at the computer kiosk where you'll receive an identification sticker. When picking up your child, simply show the parent pick-up tag that corresponds with your child's name t

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