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"We live in a culture that is increasingly pushing us to fill more of our time. Our schedules fill up to the point that our margin runs out and it leaves us stressed out and exhausted. Do you know who it hurts the most? Our families... the very people we should make the most time for are often the ones suffering the most.


We're beginning a new series called, "Family Matters," because... family matters! We'll talk about the relationship between husband and wife, parenting in this day and age, as well as much more. This is one of those series we all know someone who could benefit from being there so let's make sure to identify and invite whoever that might be our lives. Don't miss out!"


Joe Robideaux | 09.23.18


Joe and Val Robideaux | 09.16.18


Joe Robideaux | 09.09.18


Ben Jacuk | 09.02.18


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