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Join Us on the Trails
by Macey Hoffman (541.513.3338)
Looking for young adults who would like to build community in the Alaskan outdoors. If you are 18+ to 40ish and want to hike and build friendship,  join our group. Any level of fitness is welcome. Contact Macey Hoffman for more information.

Explore the Bible Adult Study—Entrusted with God's Good News
Sun, 9:15–10:30 AM, Room 219, Ongoing Class
by Troy & Kay Hill, Dave & Mona Hundrup
Join this easy-to-understand and practical study of God’s Word. Connect with one another, share life together while growing in your understanding of who Christ is and what you're called to do as a result of your relationship with Him. 

Hands of Faith Bible Study
Sun, 9–10 AM, Room 226, Ongoing Class
by Sam Gary
This foundational Bible study is for all ages involved in the deaf community. Communication is in ASL, but voice interpretation is available for those wishing to learn ASL. For more information, contact 
Hands of Faith. 

Hands of Faith
Wed, 7-8 PM, Room 219, Ongoing Class

by James Patton, No Cost
The deaf community from across Anchorage is invited to join as we dive into the pages of God's Word. Communication is in ASL, but voice interpretation is available for those wishing to learn ASL.

Celebrate Recovery
Fri, 6:30-8:30 PM, Rm 119, Ongoing Class
by Amy Gill

This is a Christ-based approach to recovery in response to other twelve-step programs. Celebrate Recovery is directed toward all hurts, hang-ups, and habits, including but not limited to drug and alcohol addictions, sex addiction, eating disorders, and people who have been sexually abused. There will be breakout sessions for different groups. 

GriefShareBegins Thurs, Sept 6, 6-8PM
by Nancy Struempler & Janet Lemmons

Walk with others through one of life’s most difficult experiences. GriefShare meets weekly to help you face the challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Nancy Struempler and Janet Lemmons lead this group. Email us to learn more about our current session. Learn more about GriefShare. Sorry, no childcare available.

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Journey Through the Scripture
Tues, 6:30-8 AM, Room 219, Ongoing Class
Contact: Jim Kurka
Join other men in strengthening your walk with Christ in a casual atmosphere—it's a solid way to start the day. We have sustenance for the body and soul as we enjoy some morning eats and dig into the pages of Scripture.

Thurs, 6:30 PM, Rm 226
Join us as we begin a study within the Being God’s Man series, titled “Family.” This leadership study explores what it means to live out God’s purpose in front of your families. This resource is intended to help men accept their calling and experience God’s blessing as the spiritual leaders of their family. More than ever families are in desperate need of spiritual leadership, so we hope you’ll consider joining the conversation and look for the opportunities to encourage one another. Cost: $10

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NEW! Praying the Attributes of God
Meets Thurs, 6:30-8PM, Jan-Apr, Room 203
by Shera Hickman, Jonni Markle and Christ Niemann

When you pray, who is the one you pray to? In this study Praying the Attributes of God by Ann Spangler, we will delve into the character of God, and with that knowledge, deepen our relationship with God and one another.Knowing all the attributes of God as a whole is like someone who has heard the sounds of our world all their life in bits of static, and suddenly gained the ability to hear the full range of sound. And then to hear a beautiful piece of classical music for the first time!We invite you with your busy schedule to join us on Thursday night each week. There is minimal homework and abundant grace. Each lesson stands on its own just in case if you have to miss a week.


Meets Thurs, 6:30-8:00PM, Jan-Apr, Room 202

by Dawn Wilcox and Tonia Winkler

Join us as we learn more about the Enneagram, an ancient Christian tool for understanding yourself, other people, and our relationship with God. We will explore nine different ways of viewing the world to increase understanding as we mature as Christians. During this 12-week DVD study, you will improve your relationship with God and others and become the woman God desires you to be.

What Love is: The Letters of 1,2,3
Meets Thurs, 6:30-8:00PM, Jan-Apr, Room 204
by Janet Hepplewhite and Cheryl Robinson 

Kelly Minter, author of “What Love Is” is passionate about women discovering Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. The letters of 1, 2, & 3 John were written to encourage followers of Jesus to remain faithful to the truth. In this study, you will be challenged to look at contrasting themes such as walking in the light instead of darkness, truth versus lies and deception, loving God more than loving the world, and the meaning of true fellowship and community rather than shallowness. This study reveals not only the heart of John but also the heart of Jesus. 

We've Saved You a Seat
Meets Thurs, 6:30-8:00PM, Jan-Apr, Room 208
by Ruth Bethka and Darcey Carney

In today’s busy world, we’re wired to appear “fine,” warding off authenticity and shielding ourselves from judgment. We hide behind the hum of busyness to escape intimate friendships with the women God has placed in our lives. But we do want a seat at the table. We yearn for authentic relationships and the opportunity to be the opposite of “fine” with people who cheer for us. But comparison, envy, and entitlement often stop us from pulling out a chair at the table. Friendship can be hard, making new friends even harder, and maintaining genuine friendship the hardest of all. In this Bible study, Lisa-Jo Baker explore our relationship with Jesus as the ultimate model for authentic friendship. Nothing shapes us like the impact of a friend—it’s how Jesus radically and intimately connects with us. So instead of chasing perfection, overcome your fear of being known and find the courage to connect.

Last Wives Club Express
Meets Thurs, 6:30-8:00PM, Jan-Apr, Room 209
by Pamela Washington and Theresa Lyons

The wives of LWC pursue God’s way in their marriage through the biblical study, "The Excellent Wife." Their mission is to come alongside and encourage women as they submit their lives and marriages to God and understand, respect, and support their husbands in ways modeling their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Knit, Purl, and Pray
Meets every 2nd Tues, 6:30-8PM, Sept-Apr
by Janet Hepplewhite
Knit and purl or loop and stitch as we crochet or knit shawls and chemo hats for those hospitalized, shut-in, or otherwise vulnerable. Every yard of yarn will bring encouragement and a lift to the heart as prayer is woven into each shawl. This small gift may refresh the weary, sustain the sick, and lift the lonesome, knowing they are remembered and have been carried to the throne of grace.

Grief Share
Meets Tues, 6:00-8PM, Jan-Apr
by Nancy Struempler and Janet Lemmons

Walk with others through one of life’s most difficult experiences. GriefShare meets weekly to help you face the challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.

 NEW! A Life Beyond Amazing
Begins Tues, Sept 11, 9:30-11:30 AM
by Shirley Webb
This study by Dr. David Jeremiah reminds us again that Christians are to develop the character of Christ, not only for our benefit but for the benefit of those whose lives we touch. Paul in Galatians 5:19-21 draws a distinction between “normal” people and Spirit-filled people, and how Christians should reflect the presence of God. How do we know when Christ is living His life fully through us? When our lives show the fruit of the Holy Spirit: when our lives are loving, joyful, peaceful, enduring, compassionate, generous, faithful, humble and self-disciplined. When we live a life like that, we will be living a life that is beyond amazing. Dr. Jeremiah gives us nine decisions that will transform our lives today.

Last Wives Club
New Session begins Jan 9, 2019, Meets every 1st Wednesday, 6-8PM, Rm 220
Same description above.

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Eric & Jill Follett Home Group
Wed, 6:30PM (at 10300 Schneiter Dr, Anchorage, AK 99507)
by Eric & Jill Follett
Join us in our home to discuss the book, Hidden By Christ.
Col 3:3 says, "For you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God." This book focuses on establishing your life in Christ and explores the power of God's Word. Dinner will be provided. Sorry, there is no childcare available.

Lynch Community Group
Sun, 4:30 PM (Meets twice monthly)
Lake Otis & 68th Area
by Greg and Lora Lynch
Join us as we come together around the discussion of God’s Word. Sorry, this group is full.



Youth Group  (7-12th grade)
Wed, 7-9 PM, Room 201
We’ll look at how the Bible and our faith is lived out day today. Between short lessons and small groups, we’ll work out just what it looks like to live out our faith. We know God is the creator of ALL things, so this means that he created “fun.” We are a biblical youth group, and so we partake in this part of creation as well. Games get us up and moving, shaking off the school day. So come and be ready for a great night that is worth the two hours of your life.

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Faith Kids (Birth to 6th Grade)
Sat and Sun during regular services

Birth to 5 years
Little ones enjoy Bible stories, crafts, games, and worship in a safe environment, staffed with loving adults.

1-6th Grade
Foundational biblical truths are presented in a fun and relevant way through skits, worship, and teaching.

AWANA—Begins Wed, Sept 5, 6:30-8 PM
Awana is a ministry committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him. Awana reaches kids where they’re at and walks alongside them in their faith journey. Those kids who come to faith at an early age discover God’s purpose for their lives and hope for the future. Cost: $35/annually. Register here.

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