first impressions label

First Impressions helps those attending our worship services, both new and regular, to feel welcome and at home. It is the ideal ministry for those who have a heart for hospitality, and for those who are busy but want to be involved and connect with others in the church.  

Baptism Assistant: Work behind the scenes to provide practical assistance to those coming for baptism.

Coffee Bar Attendant: Take coffee orders and prepare drinks to make attendees and guests feel at home. (High School Students Only, 2 hrs/month)

Communion: Arrive early, follow instructions specifying communion preparation. Place trays on the cart for Service Captain and return to the kitchen after service for clean up and replace empty cups. (Preparers: 1 hr/month, Servers: 10 min/service)

Connecting Place: Welcome first-time guests and field questions about Faith and its ministries.

Greeter: Be the first to welcome guests. (45 min/month)

Information Desk: Do you like to be in the know? Join the team directing guests and answering questions about the church and its ministry activities. (2 hrs/month)

Parking lot greeters/traffic control: Help with parking and directing traffic, help with shuttle bus loading/unloading, etc.

Service Captain: Oversee that doors are unlocked, recruit communion servers, serve

Shuttle Driver: Provide rides for those unable to find transportation to church. No special license required—only a valid driver’s license. Shuttles run for the Sunday 9AM services. Volunteers typically drive two Sundays a month (8hrs/month)

Usher: Welcome guests and assist with seating as they enter the auditorium. (45 min/ service)


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Children's Ministry label

Check-in Volunteers: Do you enjoy greeting people? Are you at ease using a computer? Join the team that welcomes families and checks children into class. Rotation schedules are available. (1 hr/ week)

Nursery Classroom Volunteers (0–2 years old): Do you desire to demonstrate God’s nurturing nature to our littlest ones in a safe, loving and inviting classroom environment? Join us, and we will set you up with everything you need to serve. (1.5 hrs/week)

Preschool – Kindergarten Classroom Teachers: Do you desire to introduce little ones to Jesus? Join us, and we will set you up with everything you need to lead students in the classroom. Rotation schedules are available. (1.5 hrs/week)

Preschool – Kindergarten Classroom Helpers: Do you desire to see little ones discovering who Jesus is, but prefer a helper position?   We will pair you with a classroom leader and set you up with everything you need to serve. Rotation schedules are available. (1.5 hrs/week)

Elementary Teachers: Bring the word of God to children—everything you need to teach is provided in an easy to follow format. (1.5 hrs/week)

Classroom Helpers: Teens who would like to help children learn about God are invited into our classrooms each week to assist the teachers. (1.5 hrs/week)

Tech Booth Helpers: Being able to bring worship to children is an exciting task; help us by running our tech booth. (30 minutes per week)

Vacation Bible School (VBS): VBS is an opportunity to communicate to each child that he or she is deeply loved by God. Lead or co-lead a class, oversee activities, or direct this outreach program to reach our city's children.


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Media Arts label

Audio: There are two different types of Audio Associates that report to the Audio engineer on staff. Front of House Mixer and Broadcast Mixer. While similar, both have distinct and different purposes. Front of House is used live for the congregation in the auditorium and Broadcast is used for building distribution and studio recording for online viewers. (4-10 hrs/month)

Lighting: Operators are responsible for altering stage and house lights, both white and colored wash, throughout the service. (10 hrs/month)

Media: Operators are responsible for displaying all of the lyrics, images, and video elements of the services. (10 hrs/month)

Photography: If you consider yourself a bit of a shutterbug and enjoy sharing your work, consider capturing life at Faith at an event or during a worship weekend.

Video: These operators consist of both camera operators and video directors. They are responsible for artistically capturing video of the service for distribution around the building monitors, overflow, and recording for online viewers. (4 hrs/month)

Worship: Lead the church body into corporate worship by participating in the band or providing vocals. (Evaluations required)

Writing/Editing: Help us communicate with excellence by putting your writing and editing skills to work.


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Outreach label

Downtown Soup Kitchen: Give back to the community by helping the homeless and working poor. Volunteers can serve in the kitchen by assisting with food prep and serving or volunteer in the shower house by helping clients with laundering clothes, providing a listening ear and prayer support.


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Hospitality label

BBQ Helpers: Run the grill as we serve guest during Vacation Bible School and summer camps. (June)

Coffee Bar Attendant: Take coffee orders and prepare drinks to make attendees and guests feel at home. (High School Students Only, 2 hrs/month)

Food Preparation: Slice and dice vegetables and fruit for designated events.


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Community label

Bible Study Facilitator: Help others to deepen their relationship with the Lord and understand His Word.

Community Group Host Home: How do you make a big church feel small? Open your home to a community group. Group determines time and frequency of meetings.

Home Group Facilitator: Help others build authentic relationships by sharing life together through Bible study, discussion, fellowship, and prayer.

Marriage Mentors: Equip couples for healthy marriages by teaching vital relationship skills through a personal, open, couple-to-couple relationship. Training is provided.

Guy and Girl Youth Leaders: Lead and co-lead small groups and activities once a month, while building relationship and mentoring students throughout the year. Volunteers will be subject to a background screening and training.

Volunteer Youth Staff: Help lead a small group and build relationships with the students. This is a school year commitment (Sept-May, Wednesdays, 6:30-9PM).


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Security label

Safety Officer: Respond to or assist with security, medical and emergency events. Officers will also assist with parking and traffic between services, attend key doors and hallways to assist members, and report safety hazards inside or around the building needing repair.


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Other label

Christmas Decorating: Help us deck the halls and auditorium to welcome the holiday season

Curb Appeal: If you love all things gardening, help us with our curb appeal as we plant our summer blooms.

Van Driver: Pick up and drop off students from East Anchorage (There's one designated pick up/drop off spot) to deliver to church for youth group. Pick up is at 6PM and drop off at 9PM from the church. Two Wednesdays a month.


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