Daniel, Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy by Beth Moore



By Marcia Schilling, Joyce Matthews and Cheryl Robinson

Starts Jan 16

 Starts on January 16 at 6:15PM in Room 204 of the Wisconsin campus.  Join us for this 12-week study of Daniel. The prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and to confront many temptations and threats. Today we all encounter many of these same trials. This study will help each of us learn to live a life of integrity, as Daniel did, in an enticing world. The study also explores prophecies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Christ.  Purchase your books online at Lifeway, Amazon or Christianbooks.




By Tonia Winkler and Dawn Wilcox

Starts Jan 16

Starts on January 16 at 6:15PM in Room 202 of the Wisconsin campus.  Join us as we deepen our study of the Enneagram, an ancient tool to know yourself and grow closer to the Lord.  Whether you are new to Enneagram or well on your way, join us as we lean into Jesus, understanding ourselves, and deepen our relationships with other people.  Contact Tonia Winkler or Dawn Wilcox to obtain information regarding purchasing a book.

Walking by Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark



By Christi Niemann, Darcy Carney and Jonni Markle

Starts March 5th

Come join us on 3/5/2020 from 6:15-8PM at the Wisconsin Campus as we explore how to walk by faith.  Jennifer Rothschild knows not everyone sees 20/20. Jennifer experienced losing her physical sight. Through that, God has taught her to see that living a life based on faith rather than sight requires us to look at our situations through a lens that filters out what is seen and, instead, focuses on what is unseen — those things that are eternal.  This study contrasts the evidences of walking by faith and walking by sight.  It encourages us to take risks, give God control, persevere through hardship, receive God’s gifts, be guided by the Truth rather than feelings, and seek God.

Last Wives' Club EXPRESS



By Pam Washington

Starts Jan 16

Starts on January 16 at 6:15PM in Room 209 of the Wisconsin campus. Join us for a FUN & life-changing 12 week study in The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. It’s a journey in pursuit of God’s way in marriage. Wives are empowered and encouraged to submit their lives and marriages to God and understand, respect, and support their husbands in ways that model their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Come EAT, DRINK & BE MARRIED!!   The Excellent Wife book and study guide available at class for $25.00. For information on other Last Wives’ Clubs, join us on Facebook or contact us through our website at thelastwivesclub.com

Grief Share


6:00-8pm, RM 128

By Nancy Struempler and Janet Lemmons

GriefShare is a faith based weekly video seminar series that features some of the nation’s foremost Christian experts on grief and recovery topics as seen from a biblical perspective. Sessions are 13 weeks. Walk with others through one of life’s most difficult experiences. GriefShare meets weekly to help you face the challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. We invite you to join us on Tuesday evenings 6–8PM. 

Moms and More

Start Jan 16

Rm 219 Wisconsin Campus

Starting on January 16, 2019 in Room 219 of the Wisconsin Campus from 10AM–12 noon. We welcome all mothers to study the Word of God, share life together and spur each other on to excellence as iron sharpens iron. We’ll be studying The Book of Philippians. In this eight-week series, Jo Saxon will take us through Philippians to encourage us to follow Jesus no matter what life throws at us. Through Paul's words and example, learn how joy and sacrifice can go hand-in-hand. Pregnant moms to great-grandmothers are welcome.   Bible study, warm drinks, food, and childcare included.  Call or text for more information:  Christy Hisada at 223-3384 or Teri McLaughlin at 440-2427. See you there!

Last Wives Club

The wives of LWC pursue God’s way in their marriages through the biblically-based study, The Excellent Wife.  Their mission is to come alongside and encourage women as they submit their lives and marriages to God and understand, respect and support their husbands in ways that model their relationship with Christ


For information on other Last Wives’ Clubs, join us on Facebook or contact us through our website atthelastwivesclub.com


Class options: 


3rd Saturday of Each Month:  Started on 10/19/19 from 3–5PM at 12-100 Coffee & Communitas.  Meets once a month for 12 months. 


1st Wednesday of Each Month:    Starting on 1/9/20 from 6–8PM.  Meets once a month for 12 months.



Pam Washington — pamscott.w@gmail.com

1st & 2nd Corinthians

Tuesday Mornings,

Rm 210, 10-11:30 AM

By Shirley Webb

Come join us as we continue our study of 1st and 2nd Corinthians verse by verse from the best study guide of all – your Bible!  We’ll spend time weekly in Bible study, intercessory prayer and fellowship.  All ladies are welcome!